Savor the Flavor!

Our Savory Saltine Seasoning isn’t just for making amazing party crackers. Try some of our favorite recipes for new ways to use Savory. If you have your own Savory recipe, we would love to know about it. Click here to send it to us!

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We now have an updated video with instructions and serving suggestions.  

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Please note: This video is for demonstration purposes.  Adjusments need to be made for the Cinnamon Toast flavor.

Here are some creative ways to modify a few of our favorite recipes that use Savory seasoning.

Search the dip and cheese ball recipes from our listing.  For more detailed information, visit our Pinterest boards.

Our original Savory Saltine Seasoning Cracker recipe. These zesty saltines go great with dips, cheeses, soups and salads.

Spice things up a bit!

Spice Things Up!

This is an easy way to quickly add flavor.

Easy Dip recipe that uses Cinnamon Sweet Savory Saltine Seasoning.

This is an easy dip mix that is made with Savory Saltine Seasoning.

Sweet and Savory flavors all in one bite!  This is a recipe the kids will love.

This recipe is great for leftover turkey or even chicken.  

This simple combination makes a party snack that is out of this world.

This easy to fix snack is good and good for you! Eat yours before you serve it, because there won’t be any left if you are too polite. 


Click here to view the YouTube video.

This video is a more detailed "How To" demonstration.  

Please Note:  The measurement of oil in this video is different from what we currently recommend for 1 package of seasoning.